Writing and Working and Working on Writing

I haven’t written for fun in quite a while, including writing and sharing work on here. I have been doing a ton for classes though. I was recently accepted into the Creative Writing program at my school which I’m very excited about! So, that noted, I’m going to try to add this to my list of things to keep up with.

Writing has always been so important to me. Whether I use it to help myself, or to help other people, I never want it to end up at the bottom of the barrel. I have to keep doing it and sharing it and reworking it, and not having time to is not a valid excuse.

This year, I got a job on campus, and it’s been my main focus for pretty much the whole year. It’s paid off though. I’ve been really enjoying it. I work at a Starbucks location on our campus, and have had a lot of really awesome experiences there. I’ve gotten to know so many of my co-workers who I am glad to call friends, and I’ve learned so much about teamwork and leadership. I even got a promotion that allows me to help train our new recruits. Long story short, I’m having a great time there.

But I have got to stop using it as an excuse for not doing things. Writing, exercise, making time for myself, all of those things are important too. I have to make time for them, especially when my classes start at 1PM and I work evenings..!

My main point here is hello and I’m working on it 🙂 Hope to post more soon!

PS. Here’s a picture of my new puppy, Juno! There will be plenty more where this came from 🙂


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