Adult Birthdays

Today I am officially nineteen years old!

How did I spend my birthday you might ask?

Working! Yay!

In all seriousness though, it really hasn’t felt like my birthday this year. It’s just kind of another day, except with cake and a few happy notes. I’m not sad about it, really, it’s more of an interesting observation.

Birthdays used to be such a big deal. As a kid, I would pick a theme, and all the decorations would coordinate to match that theme – whether it was “Blue’s Clues”, unicorns, or “chocolate.” I would put a birthday invitation in every little cubby in my elementary school classrooms, and we would all come together and play and celebrate.

Over the years, my themes evolved into color schemes, and soon the party was just having a few friends over to watch a movie and talk over a fire pit, roasting s’mores and laughing until midnight.

It’s funny how much more casual these days become as you grow older. Of course I still celebrate with family and maybe have a sleepover to commemorate the occasion with my best friend, but it’s less of a block-out-the-entire-weekend-for-a-party event.

As I’m not the biggest fan of being the center of attention, this is perfectly okay with me. I was always a hide-under-the-table-while-the-Red-Robin-employees-sing-you-happy-birthday kind of kid anyways. Plus, I’ve got an amazing job that I already love, even though I have only worked there for three days, with an amazing team to celebrate with at work. Today they all sang me happy birthday; it was awesome!

I’m also really lucky to be surrounded by incredible friends and family that make me feel so loved – no matter what day it is, really. Chris’s family threw me a little surprise birthday party with dinner and cake and “Moana,” my best friend left (beautifully decorated) cookies at my door for me to find after work, some co-workers from my home based business came to celebrate at a work event, and my college besties called me to sing to me, too. Not to mention the family birthday dinner with my immediate family last night. It was so nice just to be together and talk and laugh.

The bottom line is, even though it’s less of a fabulous celebration than it used to be when you were a kid, always find time to celebrate yourself – even if you don’t think you want or need to. Birthdays are still a big deal! You just rotated around the sun one more full time! That’s definitely something to celebrate if I have anything to say about it.

Happy Birthday to me! And to anyone else I may be sharing this day with!

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