To The Universe

“I love you to the moon and back.”

Did you know

That it takes only three days

To break out of gravity’s strong hold

Rocket up past the waves of clouds out of the atmosphere

And fly 250 thousand miles to arrive

At the earth’s only satellite?

It seems like such a short distance

When you consider the universe and its vastness

Why just to the moon? Why not Jupiter, or Mars, or out into the depths of stars that are so far away that

All we can see in the sky are minuscule pinpoints of light that cannot even begin to describe their true brightness

Those pinpoints are like me attempting to describe you

Did you know

That the moon’s light is not her own

But the sun’s reflection on her mirroring face

Displaying his artwork when he can no longer stand to hold it himself

Like I would do for you when you’ve passed the point of exhaustion

And you need someone to hold you up

Did you know

That the sun and the moon meet face to face only three to five times in a year

In a solar eclipse

And just for a moment they kiss

It reminds me of how our days used to be

Meeting in the hallways momentarily

Before reluctantly slipping apart on separate axis

Did you know

That when two galaxies collide

Their arms reach out to each other

Pulling the other closer until they appear to be one

Did you know that your eyes look like nebulas

Where new stars burst brilliantly into life all the time

Did you know that we are made of star dust

We emerged from the same magic that created the stars in our night skies

The ones we watch together in the summer time

Did you know that they live in your smile, in your eyes

Did you know that I love you to the edge of the universe?

Did you know that the universe

Is always expanding?




I wrote this poem a few years ago when I ran a spoken word poetry club in high school. This one would definitely be categorized as one of my “greatest hits” since I always choose it to perform or share, at least first. I hope you enjoy it, and look forward to reading more!

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